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Rhode Island offers an enchanting escape into its blend of coastal beauty, rich history, and beautiful natural landscapes. Visit our campgrounds and immerse yourself in its vibrant mix of sandy shores, culinary delights, and a treasure trove of historical sites for the perfect New England getaway.
Wawaloam Campground
Richmond, Rhode Island
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With locations across New England and the East Coast of the United States, our campgrounds present a crossroads of nature's untouched beauty and the comforts of modern amenities. We offer unforgettable outdoor experiences across a region renowned for its rolling hills, picturesque coastlines, and vibrant autumn colors. From the rugged charm of Maine’s rocky shores to the iconic beaches of Massachusetts, our locations enable you to experience it all. Whether you are pitching a tent under a starlit sky, parking your RV with ocean views, or settling into a cabin nestled in the woods, Modern America Campgrounds have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Browse our locations and find the perfect destination for your next adventure!
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